The Big Swimming Pool

Go to the pool at a time that is convenient for you! At our pool, lanes of various speeds are available all day long, which provide an opportunity to choose a swimming speed that corresponds best to your skills and abilities and to feel comfortable at the same time.

The Small Swimming Pool

Swimming instruction for children and young people in the small pool and in the large pool. For those who can swim and for those who would like to learn to swim. Improve and strengthen children`s co-ordination, development of muscles and correct posture.

Water aerobics

Get rid of the accumulated physical tiredness and emotional strain and invigorate your body. Medium intensity classes, as well as strength and endurance fitness for men.

Corrective swimming

A great additional rehabilitative technique for people with musculoskeletal problems, a restorative means for people who work for prolonged periods of time or who work in a sendentary or standing position, as well as an opportunity for rehabilitation and regeneration for people who actively do sports.

Individual swimming instruction

Individual swimming lessons under the guidance of qualified and experienced swimming coaches, developing a swimming lesson plan that is suitable for every swimmer`s skills, abilities and wishes. Our coaches will teach you to swim.


Aerobics workouts

A great workout for the cardiovascular system that helps to overcome physical and mental workload, as well as improves health and body shape. Choose what is most suitable for you from Total Body Workout, zumba, or yoga. We also offer boxing training sessions.

The gym

In our sports complex, you will find various types of gym equipment designed for doing both basic exercises and more advanced training sessions. In order to use the time spent at the gym better and more efficiently, it is possible to develop an individual training programme with our gym instructors, which will help attain better results.

Rock climbing

Challenge yourself and test how strong you are by giving rock climbing a go! Our climbing routes have been designed to be of various degrees of difficulty, so that it would be interesting both for beginners and for climbers with extensive experience. Rock climbing for both children and adults.

The Boxing Hall

Boxing is an opportunity to become strong not only physically but also mentally, to develop one`s physique, coordination and thinking, as well as to strengthen one`s health. We offer tailored boxing classes for men, women, and children.

Children`s parties

We offer an opportunity for the birthday boy or birthday girl to celebrate his or her special day with sporty and fun activities. It is possible to choose activities both in the small swimming pool and in the aerobics hall; older children can also do rock climbing.


Therapeutic exercise

CURRENTLY NOT AVAILABLE! Exercise to combat osteoporosis, improve blood circulation and the functions of the respiratory system, exercises for balance and coordination and for maintaining physical activity, thus improving the quality of life.

A consultation with a psysiotherapist

CURRENTLY NOT AVAILABLE! An individual assessment of the customer`s health and functional state, posture and gait analysis, muscle testing, recommendations for further action. If necessary, an individual exercise programme is drawn up.


CURRENTLY NOT AVAILABLE! Massage helps people who do sedentary or physical work and athletes who have just had large training loads to relax their tense muscles. We offer back massage, neck and shoulders massage and full body massage.


CURRENTLY NOT AVAILABLE! Effective method with immediate effect for reducing muscle pain and preventing injuries after a previous injury. It is suitable for treating various kinds of muscular and bone injuries, and it helps to effectively treat pain of various origins and body discomfort.