Group Classes

We have become certain that the best way to maintain motivation to have an active lifestyle is taking part in group classes under the guidance of a professional coach.

Be it a class to the rhythms of dance music in a positive ambience, an active and purposeful class to enhance body strength and reduce weight, or a totally serene and relaxing rebalancing at a yoga class after another hectic day, everybody has the option to choose a group class that is most suitable for them regardless of age and fitness level.


Zumba classes are suitable both for beginners and for experienced fans of fitness and dancing. Its greatest advantage is the fact that zumba always stays exciting, because new and interesting movements are introduced all the time, and the main thing is that you do not necessarily have to be a dancer to take part in a zumba class, as it is meant for everybody without any restrictions. All you need is to want to dance!

Zumba consists of numerous multi-cultural dance steps, and it has a therapeutic effect: it boosts the mood, raises the level of endorphins and self-esteem, and reduces stress. And, another rather important benefit is that, during a class, a person can burn 400 to 600 calories on average!

Our wish for you is that you do not stop after a single zumba class. Attend the classes regularly, and this way you will succeed in developing a gracefulness of movement in a shorter time period and get maximum enjoyment out of your zumba class.

Total Body Workout

A medium intensity class aimed at strengthening the cardiovascular system, reducing body weight, as well strengthening and toning all the muscles of the body. Additional equipment is used in the class (step benches, dumbbells, fitness balls, etc.).

Total Body Workout is perfect for people who are extremely busy in their daily lives and who do not have the time to dedicate multiple hours a week to working out, yet would like to stay in shape.


The body and the mind are mutually interconnected and affect each other. It is not a secret that the daily rush, stress, inner and outer conflicts imperceptively upset the balance between the body and the mind. As a result, dissatisfaction with life develops, resilience against stress decreases, and sometimes a person can develop psychosomatic health problems. Yoga is a natural calming technique for restoring harmony.

Practising yoga with our yoga instructor Svetlana and using a number of body healing and martial arts techniques is an opportunity to learn to accept yourself, become aware of your uniqueness and learn to love it, learn more about your own body and its abilities, and, eventually, to look at things in a simpler, less serious, way. During the class, there is a chance to finally dedicate time only to yourself, to listen to your own body and recover inner energy.

Along with that, the instructor also works as a body development coach, providing instruction during which the body realises that it is capable. Namely, by getting the person to give up the sense of too much responsibility and lack of trust in themselves, they will, in time, learn to cope with difficulties with more ease.

Svetlana also specialises in the area of alternative consciousness and is the author of such programmes as prevention of sports injuries and occupational diseases, programmes “The Mandala as a Method of Self-diagnostics”, “Full Wave-like Breathing” and “Yoga in Hammocks”.