We believe that swimming is the best way to start and spend the day, so the Ķīpsala Swimming Pool opens its doors to customers as early as at 7 A.M. and admits the last customers as late as at 21:30.

Go swimming in our swimming pool at a time convenient for you: early in the morning, during your lunch break, or after a hectic day at work, and your day will be a success. The relaxing nature of water will enhance your health and joy of living.

Combine the enjoyable with the practical by going swimming together with your family and friends, because there is enough space for everybody! At the Ķīpsala Swimming Pool, lanes of various speeds are available all day long, which provide an opportunity for every customer to choose a swimming speed that corresponds best to his or her skills and abilities and to feel comfortable at the same time. Free time spent in the pool in great company will give you a boost to start a new working day, while activities in the water together with others will help you relax and stay in shape, as well as evoke good emotions in you, your family and friends.

At our pool, we have taken into special consideration fit customers who are passionate about their sports activities: electronic clocks, which allow keeping track of your swimming tempo, speed and the time dedicated to the training session, have been installed at both ends of the pool.


At the Ķīpsala Swimming Pool, sports hold a special place. Here, it is possible not only to learn the basics of swimming, but also to improve one’s swimming skills at a professional level and to embark on a path towards high-performance sports. Every day, dozens of young athlets train in sports groups at the Ķīpsala Swimming Pool, including members of and candidates for the Latvian junior teams.

The achievements of the trainees who practice at the Ķīpsala pool are based on a staff made up of professional coaches a large proportion of whom have been highly achieving athletes themselves. The extensive theoretical and practical experience of our coaches allows us to be confident that we will teach you to swim even better, even faster and in even more styles. Join in!

The largest swimming pool in Latvia

At 50 metres long, 21 metres wide and 2.20-2.30 metres deep, the Ķīpsala Swimming Pool is the largest pool in Latvia. This eight-lane pool enables us to welcome up to 1,000 healthy lifestyle and swimming sports enthusiasts daily regardless of age, skill and wishes. Choose a time slot suitable for you and get into the water!

Diverse and quality recreation

The Ķīpsala Swimming Pool offers an opportunity not only to simply enjoy a relaxing swim at any time suitable for you, but also to develop your swimming skills and engage in various types of swimming sports and improve your proficiency at your hobbies under the guidance of professional and experienced specialists. Alongside swimming, artistic, or synchronous, swimming, water polo, diving, wakeboarding instruction groups also organise their classes in our pool daily.

Opening hours suitable for the pace of your daily life

The opening hours of the Ķīpsala Swimming Pool are suitable even for the most intensely paced lifestyle. In early workday mornings, the pool is available to fitness enthusiasts as early as at 07:00, whereas those not in any hurry can indulge in the joys of swimming as late as up to 22:00. However, at the weekends and on holidays, the pool is only open for customers from 08:00 till 21:30.

Water temperature 27.50C, air temperature 290C

The feeling of comfort of Ķīpsala Swimming Pool customers is our priority. Water and air temperature are the factors that affect the way pool users feel and their physical abilities; therefore, we strive on a daily basis to maintain constant water and air temperature suitable both for recreation and an intense physical exercise.

Water quality and cleanliness of water

At the pool, all the necessary tests are done regularly to make sure that the water quality is in compliance with the requirements of the regulatory enactments of the Republic of Latvia and the European Union and is suitable for ensuring the feeling of comfort of pool users.