Children`s party

For children, a birthday party is, undeniably, one of the most anticipated events of the year; therefore, we offer to organise individually tailored children`s parties both in the small pool and in the aerobics hall. Parties for children aged five and above are run by a professional instructor, taking into consideration children`s interests and activity levels.

We offer the following activities for a children`s party (your own choice):

  • games in the small pool (40 mins);
  • climbing the rock climbing wall;
  • sports games (badminton, floorball, dodgeball, various relay races, etc.);
  • a reaction wall;
  • table football; and
  • other games in the small gym.

A precise event plan as to which activities and what order they are going to be done is discussed before the party with the instructor who will be running the event.

A children`s pool party

Does your child take to the water like a duck? We offer an opportunity to organise a fun, exciting and unforgettably wet party for your little ones in the swimming pool. Parties are organised to take place under the guidance of a professional party planner who will be able to create genuinely fun moments for the party guests.

Climbing the rock climbing wall

We offer an opportunity for older children to spend time during the children`s party climbing the rock climbing wall accompanied by the instructor, both in a competition between teams and just experiencing something new.

Children`s sports day

Parties are organised to take the form of a sports day, with sports and other kinds of games, relay races, obstacle courses, workouts on exercise machines designed for children and other activities depending on the children`s age and interests.