Almost everybody is able to move in the water. However, being able to swim is more complicated than that. Swimming is one of the physical activities in which even minimum knowledge of a correct swimming position and technique not only enhance the beneficial effects on the body, but also considerably increase one`s sense of wellbeing and happiness about it. Furthermore, by learning how to swim, you learn to stay safe in the water.

Customers who would like to learn new skills or merely to improve their fitness-related skills, the Ķīpsala Swimming Pool offers individual lessons under the guidance of qualified and experienced coaches, developing a lesson plan suitable for the skills, abilities and wishes of every swimmer! Our coaches will teach you how to swim

Price of a single individual swimming lesson:

  • 18.00 EUR+ valid subscription to the swimming pool or a purchased one-time ticket to use the swimming pool;
  • If two people take the lesson: 31.00 EUR + valid subscription to the swimming pool or a purchased one-time ticket to use the swimming pool; +13.00 EUR per each additional person + valid subscription to the swimming pool or a purchased one-time ticket to use the swimming pool.

Professional and experienced coaches

Swimming instruction is given by qualified professional and experienced coaches. All the coaches have been appropriately educated in this sports discipline and have been certified in accordance with the requirements of the Regulation No. 77 of January 26, 2010 of the Cabinet of Ministers “Regulations Regarding the Procedures for the Certification of Sports Specialists and the Requirements Specified for a Sports Specialist”.

Along with the coaches, qualified life safety specialists – lifeguards, who have acquired the skills for saving people`s lives in swimming pools and take care of both the safety of the swimming pool users and the public order, are on regular duty.

Swimming lesson schedule that can be individually adjusted

The opening hours of the Ķīpsala Swimming Pool are suitable even for the most intensely paced lifestyle.

Individual lessons can also be adjusted according to your wishes and possibilities – qualified and experienced specialists, who will teach you how to swim, are available at our swimming pool on a daily basis.

Swimming instruction in groups for adults

The Ķīpsala Swimming Pool offers every adult a unique opportunity to learn how to swim or to enhance their swimming skills while attending instruction groups for adults. Unlike in individual lessons, instruction in groups is organised in a systematic manner (2-3 times per week), with eight to ten adults with similar skills participating. Instruction in a group is often the most suitable way to learn new skills fast and in an exciting way.

The Ķīpsala Swimming Pool also offers an opportunity to organise swimming instruction lessons under the guidance of a professional coach for all the workers of the same company or for other groups of people. It is a great opportunity for colleagues to spend free time together and to learn new skills, supporting, or, quite the contrary, challenging one another.

Water temperature 27.50C, air temperature 290C

The feeling of comfort of Ķīpsala Swimming Pool customers is our priority. Water and air temperature are the factors that affect the way pool customers` feel and their physical abilities; therefore, we strive on a daily basis to maintain constant water and air temperature suitable both for recreation and intense physical exercise.