Massage has been known since ancient times as an effective technique for:

  • improving blood circulation;
  • activating the metabolism;
  • relaxing the muscles;
  • reducing tiredness;
  • eliminating deformations;
  • reducing pain after injuries;
  • losing weight, etc.

Therefore, in the assortment of our services, we have included the most popular types of massage: classical, therapeutic, and sports massage.

Classical massage

Classical massage of the entire body or specific parts of the body – the back, neck and shoulders, or the legs.

Therapeutic massage

The combination of the massage techniques is tailored depending on the clinical manifestations of the illness and the dynamics of the course of the illness. If these rules are complied with, the effects of the massage will be more pronounced and the entire course of treatment will be more effective. The massage is applied to a specific problem area.

Sports massage

A firm and deep muscle massage that is designed for sporty people in particular. It helps to restore operational capacity of the muscles after large physical loads or to prepare the joints and the muscles for their further exertion.

Manual therapist

Manual therapist Vladislavs Paramonovs, who gives therapeutic, preventative and sculpting massage, practices manual therapy on the premises of the complex as a sole merchant. Appointments by phone (+371 29589821).