Klinšu kāpšana Rīgā

The climbing wall

The climbing sports is becoming more and more popular, and everybody has an opportunity to test how strong they are on the artificial climbing wall in our sports complex.

Dimensions of the climbing wall:

  • Height: 6.5 m
  • Width: 10 m
  • Number of tracks:7

The routes have been designed to be of various degrees of difficulty, so that it would be interesting both for beginners and for climbers with extensive experience. All the necessary equipment for climbing is also available on the premises. The climber must attend the class wearing a tracksuit and sports footwear. People interested and already do rock climbing and do not require prior instruction are welcome to choose from the available time slots.

A visit to the rock climbing wall

The duration of a single class is one hour. The available time slots for rock climbing can be found on the list of classes held in the aerobics hall.

If you already are a knowledgeable climber, you must bring a partner to the class – one person climbs, whereas the partner acts as a belayer. If you have no experience with rock climbing or you would like to do it alone, you must coordinate the possible time slot in advance with instructor Igors Rasiņš by calling the mobile phone number: +371 29589793 or by sending an e-mail to [email protected] to reach an agreement with the instructor regarding assistance with belaying.

If there are more than four people planning to climb the rock climbing wall, it is possible to book a time slot by calling the informational phone number +371 67616989 or by sending a request to the e-mail address [email protected]. The booking must be made no later than at least a week in advance.

Rock climbing groups for young people

We also offer group classes for young people (starting from the age of seven):

at 11:00 on Sundays;

at 16:00 on Mondays.

Climbing classes are given by certified instructor Igors Rasiņš.

Applying in advance is not required to attend a class.

Group class with an instructor

A rock climbing class can be a great way to reinforce the bonds of friendship, do team-building with colleagues, feel a rush of adrenalin, acquire trust in your own abilities or to challenge a friend, for example, during a bachelor`s party.

Therefore, it is possible to book a time slot for a group (with five people as a minimum), coordinating the time in advance with instructor Igors Rasiņš (mobile phone number: +371 29589793) or by sending an e-mail to [email protected] at least a week in advance.