Boxing increases not only the level of fitness, but also develops the mental function of thinking, always mentally anticipating several moves ahead. This is more than a mere training session to improve the way one feels. It is also a way how to improve oneself in full as a strong individual.

Boxing School “The Legend”

Boxing School “The Legend” is a team of experienced coaches, well-developed training methods and a safety guarantee. Training sessions are ran by Viktors Plavinskis, the founder of boxing school “The Legend” and professional boxing coach Sergejs Volodins, who holds a higher education diploma in pedagogy from the Academy of Sports Pedagogy of Latvia (LSPA).

People aged 16 and above are admitted into adult training groups. Women who like spending their spare time in an active and enjoyable way are always welcome – boxing is a great way to manage stress and to always be in a good mood. A special programme has been developed for the boxing classes, so that all the muscle groups, endurance and coordination are developed.

If you want to get into an amazing shape and enhance your health, you will achieve it fast and efficiently under the coach`s guidance. As far as individual training is concerned, you need to agree on that with the coaches.

Lady Fit Box

The programme of Lady Fit Box classes is especially suitable for women starting from the age of 16, in order for them to master the following basic skills in a short time:

  • the basics of boxing;
  • elements of self-defence;
  • developing and strengthening all the muscle groups; and
  • conditioning to build strength, speed and coordination.

It is possible to reduce weight and build curves by attending boxing sessions regularly. During a class and without even noticing it, you can get rid of the aggression, stress, depressed mood accumulated in everyday life and replace these issues with additional energy, joy and increased self-esteem.

It is also possible to agree on additional individual training sessions.

Individual training sessions

There is an opportunity to use the boxing hall for an individual training session together with a coach, after agreeing on the time for this session with a coach from boxing school “The Legend” or Lady Fit Box coach Dēvija Vecroze.

If you have planned an individual training session but with a coach from another club, you must first agree on the time slot with the head of the Fitness Department.

Ķīpsala Boxing

Boxing lessons develop a variety of physical characteristics, such as strength, coordination, flexibility, balance, etc.

It will be possible for beginners to learn boxing basics, boxing techniques, general physical fitness, while experienced sportsmen in boxing will be able to develop their skills.


Functional circle training

Powerful middle and high-intensity training! The workout combines work with both inventory and weight, which allows all muscle groups to be involved as much as possible. Energy charge, muscle tonus and body functionality are just a small part of what you get.