Trenažieru zāle Rīgā


The gym is equipped with cardio and strength exercise machines and other necessary fitness aids. Although the area of the gym is not very large, we have made made the effort to divide it into the following zones for the convenience of our customers:

  • Cardio exercise machines zone;
  • Strength and free weights zone;
  • Working out and stretching zone.

Our gym is suitable both for beginners and for experienced gym-goers, and the gym instructors on duty are always able to provide consultations regarding the application of the exercise machines stationed in the gym, as well as to give other useful tips.

The unwritten rules

  • Go to the gym wearing appropriate clean sportswear and clean closed-toed sports footwear (a swimsuit, swimming shorts and pool slide sandals are not appropriate for going to the gym);
  • Do not bring food products into the gym;
  • You should not put on perfume before a gym session;
  • After using an exercise machine, clean it using the cleaning supplies and tissues available in the gym, put the fitness aids back into their designated place, including putting weight plates back onto the storage rack;
  • Always wipe clean the exercise mat after you have finished working out and doing stretching moves;
  • When doing exercises, make sure that you maintain adequate distance from the other gym users, thus reducing the risk of accidentally injuring somebody;
  • Do not inconvenience other gym users with long conversations and by giving advice unless you have been given permission;
  • Lifting heavy weights requires effort; however, try not to get carried away making fierce roaring sounds;
  • Rather than throwing fitness equipment down to the floor, put it back into its place carefully without making unnecessary noise.

Individual training programmes

The knowledgeable and professional gym instructors at the Ķīpsala Swimming Pool`s gym will draw up individual workout programmes for you according to yourwishes, goals and fitness level.

Opening hours suitable for the pace of your daily life

The opening hours of the Ķīpsala Swimming Pool are suitable even for the most intensely paced lifestyle. In early mornings, the gym is open to fitness fans as early as from 08:00 onwards, whereas those who prefer evening workouts can do so till 22:00. However, at the weekends and on holidays the gym is open to customers from 10:00 till 20:00.