Water aerobics, or aerobic aqua fitness, is a type of exercise in which all the muscles are exercised simultaneously. Water pressure improves blood circulation, stimulates the cardiovascular system and returns the venous blood to the heart. Aerobics movements create resistance in the water, support the body and prevent the risk of injury. Water aerobics is a highly effective way of improving the shape of your body, because water resistance ensures a high effectiveness of movement while being gentle on your joints and muscles and preventing overexertion.

At the Ķīpsala Swimming Pool, you can attend two types of aerobics classes, namely Aqua Mix and Strength Fitness for Men.


  • a medium intensity class
  • during the training session, the instructor varies the exercises, using equipment and the fitness level of the participants
  • special exercises for leg muscles, glutes and lower abdominal muscles that reduce cellulitis and make the skin more firm
  • enhances endurance and flexibility
  • also suitable for pregnant women


  • high intensity class
  • enhances strength, coordination and endurance
  • strength elements for arms and legs from martial arts are used in this class
  • special exercises for the core and deep muscles

Suitable training load

Water aerobics is a physical activity suitable for everyone regardless of gender, age, weight, and fitness level. The physical characteristics of water allow doing various fitness exercises more easily while retaining their effectiveness. Working out with our fitness instructors, you have an opportunity to enhance your health, the shape of your body and your general wellbeing, which will also benefit your self-esteem and your emotional and psychological state.

Vitality and the fun of being active

Due to its characteristic features, water is a unique environment. It helps remove the physical tiredness and emotional strain accumulated during the day, invigorates, or, quite the contrary, helps to relax. These classes are based on the idea of vitality and the fun of being active. The training load of the classes creates pleasant sensations, a sense of satisfaction and, of course, gives results.

Strength and endurance fitness for men

A specially developed fitness programme with advanced training load and intensity and specific exercises. These classes target men, but they are also suitable for women who are ready to challenge not only themselves but also the gentlemen taking the class.

During the class, you will strengthen all the muscle groups, especially the deep abdominal muscles, and enhance your endurance and muscle coordination. This workout is also suitable as a rehabilitation course after various injuries.

Classes at a time suitable for the pace of your daily life

The opening hours of the Ķīpsala Swimming Pool are suitable even for the most intensely paced lifestyle. The schedule of water aerobics classes has also been designed in such a way that everybody is able to find a time slot that is most suitable for themselves for healthful and fun classes.